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Getting a car loan is often bewildering, or even maddening, and this is especially true if you’ve got a bad credit report. Have you spoken with a dealership that provides car loans directly? They won’t simply reject you because your credit rating isn’t 620.

They have a look at your income and finances to determine the cars and trucks that you meet the criteria for.

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In general, you need to commit less than 10% of your monthly income for your car payment. Dealerships oftentimes have an undesirable practice of talking you into spending more than is smart on your car or truck, so take into account the 10% guideline. The worst thing you can do is harm your credit even worse, so don’t stray from your spending budget.

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You don’t need to drop by a range of different car lots to get your credit accepted. Our site can help you find a dealership who can accept your credit – right now!